Pennsylvania Turnpike Rates Jump Again On Sunday

Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchang...

Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new year will take its toll on Pennsylvania motorists — literally.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will raise tolls for the sixth consecutive year, with the price increases taking effect Sunday.

Drivers paying in cash will see a 12-percent rate increase, while E-ZPass users will incur a more palatable 2-percent hike as the commission tries to encourage drivers to use the more efficient electronic option to traverse the toll road.

Increased tolls have become customary after Gov. Ed Rendell signed Act 44 into law in 2007, requiring the commission to fork over $450 million annually to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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One comment on “Pennsylvania Turnpike Rates Jump Again On Sunday

  1. Let’s see what happens now that the Transportation Bill is now law and the added gasoline tax is in effect.Is ACT 44 still the piece of shit bill that it is and PENN DOT is getting $450 million from ACT 44 and the added gasoline tax from the transportation piece of shit that was recently passed? That sounds like double dipping from us hard working Pennsylvanians.
    I shill believe the turnpike should be privatized and out of the hands of government.I use the turnpike a lot and I do not use EZ Pass,because I hate to see people loose their jobs over lousy mismanagement of funds from turnpike tolls.
    I call on our governor to abolish ACT 44.

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