Pottstown Police Changing Tactics To Solve Recent Robberies

1044756_392391437532570_1638549602_nEditor’s note:  This picture is the reason Pottstown has such a high crime rate.  Get rid of the drug baggies and you’ll see a big drop in burglary and robbery.  The guy that was arrested for the National Penn Bank robberies was reported to be high on heroin.  Drug addicts have to resort to stealing to support their habits.  And “feverishly” should be the modus operandi until Pottstown is cleaned up.

POTTSTOWN, PA — After six robberies in 20 days, the Pottstown Police Department is working “feverishly” to solve the crimes and work to prevent more, Police Chief Richard Drumheller said.

“I can tell you that we are working on it. I would say feverishly,” Drumheller said Monday. “Obviously we have someone out there right now that is robbing our community and that is extremely unnerving for the residents and we understand that. We are doing a rash of things to try and solve the problem.”

Drumheller did not disclose exact details related to the investigations.

“I can tell you it is a lot of directed patrols at certain areas, at certain time frames. We’ve done a lot of homework on that and we have plotted out some things and we are trying to use the data available to us to our advantage to try and capture (the suspects),” Drumheller said.

Read more: http://www.pottsmerc.com/general-news/20130924/pottstown-police-changing-tactics-to-solve-recent-robberies

One comment on “Pottstown Police Changing Tactics To Solve Recent Robberies

  1. Hi Roy!! Been busy busy but took some time today to catch up on your blog. Of course, any opportunity I can find to reitrerate my mantra – in addtion to your excellent point about cleaning up the drug problem in P.town so do the nasty rentals and disrespectuful slumlords need to be a focus – crime and housing go together. At some point it is going to be essential that the codes department and the police work in tandem. Council will have to realize and grapple with all the NEW slumlord properties the borough is enabling and do something to slow it down. I know it’s all about the revenue when you have big salaries and bennies to provide the administration but continuing to populate Pottstown with more and bigger criminals to meet that objective isn’t the long term solution that’s going to get us out of this mess.

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