West Bradford SPCA Land Sale Raises Objections

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Chester County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Chester County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Accusations of high euthanasia rates and lack of management aren’t the only issues officials at the Chester County SPCA are facing these days.

The organization and especially board president Conrad Muhly are hearing the sharp sounds of criticism amid accusations of wrongdoing over a land deal that detractors say was fishy from the start.

Today, in the second installment of a two-part series, the Daily Local News looks into allegations that the nonprofit is acting improperly in selling land it received from the state of Pennsylvania in West Bradford to a developer who has ties to Muhly and, thus, the CCSPCA.  On Sunday, the Daily Local published complaints from former volunteers about practices at the shelter in West Goshen.

The shelter currently holds 20 acres of land that abut the 220-acre Embreeville State Hospital parcel that was purchased by Embreeville Redevelopment, LP.  The group currently has controversial plans of building more than 1,000 new homes and commercial development on that land.

Read more: http://www.dailylocal.com/general-news/20130915/west-bradford-spca-land-sale-raises-objections

One comment on “West Bradford SPCA Land Sale Raises Objections

  1. I know Mr Muhly, and I have conducted business with him for over a decade. I find him to have unimpeachable integrity and the highest standards of honesty

    My understanding is that Mr Muhly did
    absolutely nothing wrong with the land transaction, and he was always forthright and honest with all of the parties. In my opinion, Mr Muhly is being unfairly criticized and he has only acted in the best interest of the SPCA. Moreover, he “puts his money where his
    mouth is, ” and he has been a generous donor to the SPCA.

    Mr Muhly should be applauded, not vilified.

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