Weiner Deflates After Sexting Revelation: Drops To Fourth Place In NYC Mayoral Poll

, member of the United States House of Represe...

Former member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anthony Weiner has fallen to fourth place in the New York City mayoral race, according to a new survey from Quinnipiac.

The poll of likely Democratic primary voters gives Weiner 16 percent of the vote. City Council President Christine Quinn leads with 27 percent, followed by 21 percent for Public Advocate Bill De Blasio and 20 percent for former comptroller Bill Thompson.

Read more:  http://isearch.avg.com/search?q=washington%20post&cid={E4DEB632-E5A0-4A7B-86FD-7E8D6752650D}&mid=c0f12bf6242047d0adc706583490a966-80da26585214da00bee8ac924a3515f2bb6784dc&lang=en&ds=AVG&pr=fr&d=2012-10-04%2019:18:33&v=

7 comments on “Weiner Deflates After Sexting Revelation: Drops To Fourth Place In NYC Mayoral Poll

  1. I was watching coverage of “penis-gate” and somebody suggested he give up politics so he can concentrate on being an internet sex freak!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Really Roy, do you see a perceptible difference between internet sex freaks and politicians? O.K., here’s one small difference: taxpayers are getting screwed by the politicians and the internet sex freaks are screwing themselves…

  3. Haha….I think there should be a difference but considering the amount of sex scandals there are with politicians maybe they are just one in the same. I am glad New Yorkers aren’t interested in having his as their mayor, if the poll numbers are accurate. I think getting elected would stiffen his resolve!

  4. A stiffer Weiner? Well, if he were, by any stretch of the imagination, enabled to become mayor, he’d have to have both hands on the table at all times. It does look as though the people of NYC are saying “no to the pole” in the polls and Weiner has to find that very deflating. In the other hand, if elected, he could return the city to the days of the Greenwich Village “peace and free love”, high tech style. It’s much safer you know…there haven’t been any reported cases of the transmission of cyber venereal disease, to my knowledge.

  5. LOL! I think he should just forget politics and embrace his Carlos Danger persona. He’d become a millionaire if this is an indication of public interest and he probably would be much happier. He could let his freak flag fly 🙂

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