New Facebook Page, Crime In Pottstown, Is Valuable Tool For Residents

There’s a new Facebook page dedicated to crime in Pottstown.  Unfortunately, there is a need for such a thing to exist.  The delusional  leadership doesn’t seem to think there are any problems in town but if you read this page you will see ordinary citizens telling their stories about being victims of crime.  Burglary is a big problem in Pottstown along with drugs.  Probably because they go hand in hand.  This is an eye-opening read which helps keep residents and those who work in town up to date.  We urge you to share information and keep informed.

We have listed Crime in Pottstown under our Important Pottstown Sites on the right hand side of the page.  Here is a link to click on which will take you directly there.

6 comments on “New Facebook Page, Crime In Pottstown, Is Valuable Tool For Residents

  1. People seem to be really taking advantage of this page. We thought additional publicity would be a good thing. Based on the number of people checking out this article and Facebook, I think it it has struck a chord with residents. POWER TO THE POTTSTOWN PEOPLE!

  2. While I agree that Social networking is a valuable tool, everyone, please go to the council meetings and get in their face. I am a guilty as anyone for giving up, but let’s start anew.

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