Reading’s New Spokes-Men: Police Expand Bicycle Patrols

Editor’s note:  We like this!!  Get those guys out there and visible.  It really is a crime deterrent!!

Six police officers in bright yellow shirts quietly pedaled through a courtyard toward Penn Street, emerging onto the sidewalk and startling pedestrians.

Several passers-by smiled at the men’s sudden appearance and one guy yelled out, “Hey, you look good!”

The officers were part of the Reading Police Department’s newly expanded bicycle patrols.

Eight officers were certified for the duty in May at the Reading Police Academy, bringing the total of certified bicycle officers to 30.

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2 comments on “Reading’s New Spokes-Men: Police Expand Bicycle Patrols

  1. Perfect. These bicycle cops will become much adored and admired as beacons of light by the good people in Reading. For those who have ulterior motives, they will become the bane of their existence – boooohahahahaha

  2. Yes, it’s amazing what you can do, even with very limited resources. Reading’s Police Department is way down in numbers but yet….they are doing more with less by using targeted enforcement, concentrating on areas of high crime and certain types of crime. Hmmmmm….what a novel idea. Pottstown needs to get a clue.

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