Pottstown Police Find 932 Bags Of Heroin In Apartment Of Parolee

1044756_392391437532570_1638549602_nEditor’s note:  Earth to borough council. You better get a grip on the pervasive drug problem in town!

POTTSTOWN —Police arrested a man on parole after they found a gun and more than 900 bags of heroin in his apartment.

Dashawn Smith, 22, of Pottstown was charged with one count of felony intent to manufacture or deliver and one count of felony possession of a firearm after Pennsylvania State Parole agents searched his Elm Street apartment on June 19.

During the search of Smith’s apartment, officers found a large yellow plastic bag under the kitchen sink that contained “numerous bundles” of red wax bags, and white rice, police said.

Read more:   http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130627/NEWS01/130629368/police-find-932-bags-of-heroin-in-apartment-of-parolee

One comment on “Pottstown Police Find 932 Bags Of Heroin In Apartment Of Parolee

  1. There’s an excellent chance that while Reading is getting their crime and drug problems under control – Pottstown better strap down for the ride – it could be a long, bumpy road ahead. We can only hope our leadership is preparing!!

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