Car Severely Damaged In Pottstown Drive-By Shooting

1044756_392391437532570_1638549602_nEditor’s note:  I think the headline says it all.  Pottstown leadership needs to take the bull by the horns and get tough on crime.  The incident happened while there was a group of community leaders gathered at the Ricketts Center trying to form a plan to clean up the core neighborhood.  How ironic.  

Here are some comments from Facebook on the subject:

WE WERE AT THE RICKETTS CENTER when the shooting happened, for that CARES Pottstown meeting – the Let’s Clean Up Ward 1 meeting????  Yeah…let’s do.  Is the boro going to hand out bullet proof vests to all the good people cleaning up?  It’s the least they could do.

All other efforts to make things better in this ward pale and seem superficial by the fact that there appears to be no real effort to clean up the root cause of the problems.

The mentality is-cite the property owner for a crack in the sidewalk.  All else doesn’t matter.

I’m beyond irritated by this.  We heard what we thought was illegal fireworks (again) last night. Didn’t look out the window until we went out last night.  Opened the door to find the intersection of Beech and Washington roped off and multiple police cars and officers out and about.  They were talking to people on my block.  We didn’t see anything but were told that it stemmed from an earlier incident that began at the Ricketts Center in the afternoon.

Here’s the paragraph in the Mercury regarding the shooting:

2 comments on “Car Severely Damaged In Pottstown Drive-By Shooting

  1. Bullets, destruction, and the rhetoric of fear have become too familiar to us under this council leadership, and generations of leaders before them.

    Our next leaders needs to help us repair our festering wounds.

    Paid AND elected officials are offering no hopeful answers, not even blind prayers and platitudes. Pottstown has been forgotten. The saddest thing is that those of us who work hard for change and really truly care about this community are leaving it one by one. Taking loses on our homes, short sales, whatever it takes to get out.

    The tragedy is that soon, all that will be left behind are the desperate lives of the very poor and the slumlords.

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