Core Community Clean-Up Planning Meeting Set For Tuesday In Pottstown

Residents and business owners of the Borough of Pottstown have the opportunity to share suggestions and requests for targeted neighborhood property repairs and general “clean-up” needs during a community conversation to be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25 in the Ricketts Center, 640 Beech St., Pottstown.

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3 comments on “Core Community Clean-Up Planning Meeting Set For Tuesday In Pottstown

  1. You know Roy, someone on FB just reported that there was a drive-by shooting at Beech and Washington last night around 9 PM.. About the time we were standing in the parking lot of the Ricketts Center, on Beech a few blocks away, discussing the meeting that had just infused residents with a small bit of optimism and hope. But the fact is, all other efforts will be lost if people are afraid to enter parts of this community to help clean up – what’s the point?

  2. Which is exactly the point many of us have been trying to make. You can’t revitalize Pottstown until crime is contained. I am not sure why this is so hard to understand. There is help out there. There are grants out there. There are outside law enforcement agencies out there.

    The problem is arrogance. The leadership doesn’t want outside help and they don’t care about what happens to the residents of Pottstown. They want to be “in power” and not share that power with anyone. Everything is viewed as a threat, no matter how benign and positive.

    A certain borough councilor, who shall remain nameless, thinks he is ruling by divine right because he’s lived in Pottstown all his life. Are we trying to build a dynasty like the Tudor monarchs? Maybe you should preside over council meeting with a turkey drumstick in one hand and have a chopping block set up in Smith Plaza to behead those who oppose you. Off with their heads! I bet you like the sound of that idea.

    Get over yourself, dude.

  3. I want to see that turkey drumstick but oh…that’s right, it’s beneath the pant leg, BUT!! Wait…no…wait a minute…is that actually a turkey leg or a boneless, spineless chicken beneath that rusty suit of armor?

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