Pottstown Cleanup Effort Brings Out Volunteers

Editor’s note:  Evan Brandt did a nice job of promoting a positive event that happened in Pottstown recently which demonstrated some civic pride and community spirit.  Both are in short supply.  We enjoyed reading Evan’s article until this statement caught our eye:

During Monday’s council meeting, Flanders agreed and added, “There are a lot of special interest groups in town who come to borough council asking for fees and permits to be waived.  I didn’t see any of those groups represented and I share that with you as food for thought.”

We have a problem with BM Flander’s comment.  As Borough Manager, you should be trying to unite factions, bring people together and be the biggest promoter of Pottstown.  Instead, we get the above “finger-pointing” comment.  A total “us and them” statement with a negative connotation.

So Mark, do you think making snide comments will encourage any of these groups to pitch in next time there is a community event like this?  There could be any number of reasons why people did not attend.  Every organization can’t take part in every borough activity.  Many of the organizations you are throwing out as “food for thought” are already doing something for the community.  

It’s time to put away the “tough guy” shtick and start acting like a leader who brings people together.   Maybe try to smile more.  You look angry all the time.  It’s hard to feel the love.

POTTSTOWN — A group of about 50 dedicated volunteers braved the heat recently to help spruce up the borough for the summer.

Unlike some previous efforts, efforts which once had Councilman Mark Gibson declare he would no longer help organize such efforts, this most recent clean-up was “a great success and I want to thank the community for doing an excellent job,” he told council at the June 5 meeting.

“Even during the heat, they showed up and they picked up,” Gibson said.

Read more:  http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130611/NEWS01/130619784#full_story

One comment on “Pottstown Cleanup Effort Brings Out Volunteers

  1. I couldn’t help but notice that, with the exception of Mark Gibson and both Judges, there were no other officials tackling the first and second wards on clean up day.

    These are the neighborhoods that offer a crash course in the realities of the illegal dumping and neglect that is rapidly spreading out to other wards. Not that cleaning up downtown was a picnic but by comparison….

    I consider those “special interest” groups to be MontCo Voucher Housing, that dumps the poor and unstable in Pottstown, ALL of Montgomery County that condones it, the income investors who reap the rewards, their renters and … let’s don’t forget the little neighborhood churches and big private schools who pay no taxes and for whom we, taxpayers, cover their police, fire and municipal services, reciprocity would seem to be a foreign language in some circles. Just sayin…

    I hope Flanders isn’t going to emulate the inane but hurtful comments that fly out of some elected people’s mouths like hoppy toads and poison arrows!!

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