Pottstown Police Move Dispatch To Montco, Emergency Number Stays The Same

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

POTTSTOWN, PA — A change is coming to the borough police department that will impact residents and police officers differently.

At 10 a.m. on May 6, borough police will no longer be dispatched from the Pottstown Police Department, but instead directly from the Montgomery County Communications.

Currently, when borough residents want to report an accident or an incident where police are needed, they speak to a county dispatcher, who in turn relays the information to the borough dispatch, who radio information to the officers.

Pottstown Police Capt. Richard Drumheller said the change is a positive one because it will save time and money.

Read more:  http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130502/NEWS01/130509917/pottstown-police-move-dispatch-to-montco-emergency-number-stays-the-same-

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