Philly-Area Gas Prices Dropping, Could Fall Below $3.00

Gas prices in the Philadelphia region are falling — and if that trend continues, the price could soon dip below $3 a gallon at some stations.

GasBuddy is reporting prices as low as $3.05 this morning in Woodbury, Gloucester County.  Gas can be found for $3.11 at other stations in South Jersey, and as low as $3.28 in the Pennsylvania suburbs and $3.29 in Northeast Philadelphia.

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the Philadelphia area is $3.46 in Pennsylvania and $3.24 in New Jersey, according to AAA.

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One comment on “Philly-Area Gas Prices Dropping, Could Fall Below $3.00

  1. I believe I know the reason why gas prices in Philly are dropping so low.They all voted for Obama.He got 100% of the vote on election day.
    Today,in the Pittsburgh area,we see gas prices of $3.55 to $3.59.Obama didn’t get 100% of the vote in Pittsburgh.He won Allegheny County and lost all surrounding counties.
    Gas prices on Jan 20,2009 was $1.84.
    So much for all that “hope and change”.

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