Pennsylvania Senate Highways Plan Would Raise Gas Prices

Editor’s note:  Really!  Because gas prices aren’t high enough already???

HARRISBURG – Spending on Pennsylvania’s highways, bridges and mass transit systems would get a big shot of new funding under a Senate plan unveiled Tuesday that would raise the money by increasing motorist fees and wholesale gas taxes – bumping prices at the pump as much a quarter a gallon.

The $2.5 billion plan by Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, is more ambitious and expensive than the proposal Gov. Tom Corbett advanced in January. The increase is nearly 50 percent of the $5.3 billion that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation currently spends on highways, bridges and transit.

Rafferty warned that the state’s bridges and highways are in dire need of repair, and contended that the plan would simply update taxes and fees to reflect inflation after going unchanged since at least the 1990s while giving the state’s economy a big boost.

“This is a sustainable funding plan,” Rafferty told reporters at a news conference where he was backed by dozens of supportive lawmakers and representatives of transportation-minded groups. “This is not a one-shot deal. This is a significant piece of change that will move Pennsylvania forward.”

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One comment on “Pennsylvania Senate Highways Plan Would Raise Gas Prices

  1. The state needs $2.5 Billion to fix roads and bridges.
    What happened to the money from taxes on fuel and increased fees from before that was suppose to fix roads and bridges?
    This spending plan can not and should not be passed.This will put another nail in the coffin of our state’s economy.If Pennsylvania want to kill jobs and a growing economy,then by all means take more of our hard earned money out of our pockets.
    It is time to call the Governor’s office and our state Senators and tell them that WE the people of Pennsylvania will not let them take anymore of our money.
    The $2.5 billion will probably not go to roads and bridges anyway.
    The Department of Transportation need to operate within their budget.Cut costs from upper management.No more expensive cars for the big wigs at PennDot.

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