Hazleton Police Chief Warns Business Owners To Get Their Licenses

Downtown Hazleton, PA

Downtown Hazleton, PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  Kickin’ ass and takin’ names in Hazleton!  Booya!

Police Chief Frank DeAndrea is giving a warning out to businesses operating in Hazleton to have their licenses and make sure that they are in conformity to the city’s codes.

The Hazleton Police Department is going to work in unison with the city’s fire, health, code enforcement, and highway departments in a new city-wide initiative called “Operation Clean Street.”

Set to begin in a week or two, the initiative will pull all of the departments’ resources in an effort to beautify the city’s streets and crack down on delinquent businesses.

According to DeAndrea, the operation will begin at the intersection of Diamond Avenue and Wyoming Street in which the fire department will bring a truck in to hose down and wash all debris from the streets and sidewalks.

Read more:  http://standardspeaker.com/news/hazleton-police-chief-warns-business-owners-to-get-their-licenses-1.1469241

5 comments on “Hazleton Police Chief Warns Business Owners To Get Their Licenses

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  2. You got that right roachie! It’s a matter of will. Hazleton leadership has the will to move their city forward. Pottstown’s leadership just doesn’t care. I think that’s the only logical conclusion we can draw from their behavior.

  3. Yes, it is! The tail is wagging the dog. The taxpayers need to take control of the borough and reign in the leadership. Gotta get those Reform Party candidates on council so the realignment can start to take place!

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