Chester Mayor Shakes Up Police Department

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Delaware County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Delaware County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  This will never happen in Pottstown, sigh…..

In something of a leadership shake-up, Chester Mayor John Linder has replaced three of his highest level police officers with three formerly lower-ranking lawmen.

In addition, the mayor announced Tuesday that he has created a police narcotics task force and beefed up highway patrol.

Linder, who also is the city’s public safety director, said the personnel moves are part of the changes and on-going assessment he vowed when he took office last year.

“I saw some areas I wanted to change, and the only way to change things was to move (personnel) around,” Linder said Tuesday.

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2 comments on “Chester Mayor Shakes Up Police Department

  1. friends home was broken into while they were at work. When they went to police dept. to file a report, they ask the officer at the window if the police had been doing any extra patrols around the are due to high incidents of robbery. He replied,”you’ve got to be kidding, we don’t have time, all we do is fill out paper work.”

    What? Technology, computers??? Why, under the sun, would be pay to have officers sitting at their desks doing PAPER WORK? Could this be part of the reason crime is off the map in Pottstown?

  2. Oh P.S. the Chief BM got a real fancy new car from taxpayers recently, others soon to follow…while Councilman Dan Weand got a new job. Yep, MONTCO PROTHONOTARY Office. That’s what our $33,000 plus bought the taxpayers.

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