Lower Pottsgrove Faces 500 Units As Housing Market Picks Up

Location of Lower Pottsgrove Township in Montg...

Location of Lower Pottsgrove Township in Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LOWER POTTSGROVE — Two large developments being proposed in the township and totally more than 500 units may be part of a regional uptick in the housing market.

One proposal, still in its early stages, would site as many as 300 housing units, a hotel, bank and day care center on 42 acres between South park and Evergreen roads at the Sanatoga interchange with Route 422.

The second is a redux of a 2005 proposal to develop 140 acres on the west side of North Pleasant View Road that would add 265 more units to the mix.

“I can tell you absolutely I am seeing more (housing) going on,” said Trappe attorney Robert Brant, who is representing MasterHouse, the developer that plans to present the Sanatoga interchange proposal at a May 6 meeting of the board of commissioners.

Read more:  http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130329/NEWS01/130329177/lower-pottsgrove-faces-500-units-as-housing-market-picks-up#full_story

2 comments on “Lower Pottsgrove Faces 500 Units As Housing Market Picks Up

  1. There’s plenty of housing stock, priced right, just begging for renovation and they can be done with conservation in mind. Some of the houses are beyond salvaging but, demolition and new, energy conscious, sustainable construction can be built in their place. (I’m preachin’ to the choir Roy)!!

    A documentary called: “The Greenest Building,” should be mandatory viewing for anyone, (especially politicians), who thinks gobbling up more land for housing and shopping is a good idea. New construction leaves a giant foot print on the environment, for one.


    There are perfectly beautiful and well built buildings on High St. that need love, in fact, all over the downtown area.

    If, in the end, these developments prevail, against all logic, then “Inclusive Zoning” should be a mandate for the developers. See Montgomery County, Maryland for the how-to-manual on integrating socioeconomic diversity in new developments.

    On the other hand, Pottstown is top heavy with low-income residents- losing ground everyday, as the ugly step child to these types of developments, we have much more to offer than meets the eye. Even current studies in trends indicate that younger, middle and upper middle class people, and aging “hipsters” desire walkable urban settings with charm and personality. Pottstown IS Potential.

    Developers with vision, and a desire to make loads of money, (the two are synonymous), can do a very very well here while doing a good turn for a most deserving community.

    Educated and experienced leadership, with vision, a plan and the skills to “sell Pottstown,” to navigate and negotiate with the best and the brightest – savvy developers – would know exactly what to do to guide them here and make it worth their effort.


  2. Yes, the potential is great and Pottstown could be a model of revitalization and economic development. Isn’t it interesting that development happens all around Pottstown. You are right, the leadership needs to market, market, market Pottstown to anyone who will listen. They also need to clean up the drugs and crime so that people will feel safe. It is doable. But you would have to actually care about Pottstown to make that happen.

    Vote for the Reform Party candidates for mayor of Pottstown and borough council positions. They have a vision for a prosperous and safe Pottstown, but unless they get elected the same old, same old will continue. Let’s send a message to Montgomery County that we won’t take being their dumping ground for Section 8 and social services. It’s about time the NIMBY battle cry applies to Pottstown and Norristown for a change. Let a township or two take some of this stuff.

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