Go For It: Pittsburgh Should Explore A Summer Olympics Bid

Dream big, Pittsburgh.

Duquesne University's view of the Pittsburgh s...

Duquesne University’s view of the Pittsburgh skyline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As in Olympic gold.

The invitation from the U.S. Olympic Committee for this city to be among 35 in the country to bid for the 2024 Summer Games is a privilege.  More than that, it’s an opportunity and Pittsburgh should go for it.

Sure, the odds look long. But who, 11 years prior to 2009, could have conceived of Pittsburgh hosting the G-20 Summit?  Not possible, people would have said.  Not here, would have been the reaction.  Get aht.

Likewise, who, 11 years prior to 1996, could have conceived of Atlanta hosting the Summer Olympics?  No doubt not many Atlantans, yet now that city is the capital of the New South and everything has changed.  So it could be with Pittsburgh.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/opinion/editorials/go-for-it-pittsburgh-should-explore-a-summer-olympics-bid-676446/#ixzz2LdoHfvud

One comment on “Go For It: Pittsburgh Should Explore A Summer Olympics Bid

  1. Honestly,can you imagine the traffic during the Olympics in Pittsburgh?
    Anyone who knows the Pittsburgh area (I’m a life long Pittsburgh girl) and the bridges and tunnels would tell you an event such as the Olympics would be a huge nightmare with traffic going through our tunnels.If you think traffic is bad now with the backups going through the tunnels,can you imagine what it would look like with the Olympics in town? I would leave town during a time like that.
    Honestly,I believe Pittsburgh is too small and would have to build more hotels for an event like that.

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