York’s State-Of-The-Art Housing Complex To Open In April

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

York, PA – The sawdust floated down like late-winter snow, but officials said by summer the city will have more than two dozen state-of-the-art housing units and a bright new view along South George Street.

George Street Commons, a collaborative effort between the City of York, the Y Community Development Corporation and Ohio-based developer PIRHL is nearing completion, according to Kevin Schreiber, the city’s community and economic development director.

Residents could begin to move in to part of the $10 million, 28-unit site along East College Avenue as early as April, he said.  It should be completed by August.

“This is a really strong, good city project, a good, mixed-use development,” he said, walking the muddy construction site on Friday.  “There’s a lot here we’re excited about.”

Read more:  http://www.ydr.com/local/ci_22615510/yorks-state-art-housing-complex-open-april

4 comments on “York’s State-Of-The-Art Housing Complex To Open In April

  1. Ah yes, PIRHL. They proposed the low income senior housing by the river in P.town. Looks like they’ve met with success in York. Of course, I don’t recall anything as creative as thermal heat when they were seeking tax credits here.

  2. I currently live here at george street commons. I tell you that they shouldn’t have moved anyone in yet. There are so many trucks constantly blocking us from coming or leaving, the workers were caught taking pictures of people living here under orders from the person who moved us in because she said there’s a problem with tenets smoking. All the construction workers smoke and spit everywhere. There’s dangerous stuff all over the ground I cannot allow my daughter outside. I was told guests have to park out front but there is a no parking sign up. They don’t even allow you to control the temperate of your house it is preset to be hot all day long an worse at night. I was told I need a doctors note to change it. This is totally not what I expected. Some houses have porches but some don’t they seem to playing it day by day with no real plan. They throw things off roof and don’t clean up. They leave the lights in the houses on all night. It’s ridiculous.

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