Altoona-Area Leaders To Visit Berks County, Talk Crime, Revitalization

A contingent of Altoona-area leaders plans to visit Berks County to elaborate on a privately led revitalization and law enforcement effort in Blair County that has won praise from Gov. Tom Corbett.

A visit in the opposite direction – Berks officials going to Blair – was one of five strategy points that emerged from last month’s crime summit.

Officials in both areas said that visit was still likely to happen.  But Randy Feathers, named by Corbett’s office as a facilitator in getting the two communities together, said the Blair-to-Berks visit would happen first.  It is scheduled for Feb. 21.

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2 comments on “Altoona-Area Leaders To Visit Berks County, Talk Crime, Revitalization

  1. How about it! If Marky Mark and his funky bunch would have asked to be part of that summit I am SURE he would have been allowed to attend and maybe Gov. Corbett and other officials would see that Pottstown really wants to clean up its act! But that would be too much like right. I think Pottstown is in an alternative universe. Whatever everybody else does, Pottstown’s leadership does the exact opposite!

    Can you imagine if Council and Mark would have attended that summit! Then Mark could have explained, to a room full of people who could actually help Pottstown, that Reading’s crime impacts Pottstown. Unless….that’s a load of road apples that we use for an excuse because we really don’t give a red rat’s rectum if Pottstown goes down the tubes.

    Hmmmmmmm….. things to ponder.

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