Mount Joy Borough Demotes Its Police Chief

Mount Joy Borough Council demoted its police chief to sergeant on Monday, finding he failed to “meet administrative expectations of the position.”

The decision ends six months of limbo for the borough and John O’Connell, who had been on paid administrative leave since July.

Bill Hall, chairman of the public safety committee, called the demotion a “reassignment agreement and release” that was agreed to by the borough and O’Connell in a motion offered to council.

Council voted 7-1 for the demotion, with Councilman Barry Mowrer opposing.  Councilman John Hiestand was absent.

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One comment on “Mount Joy Borough Demotes Its Police Chief

  1. “After O’Connell was placed on administrative leave on July 23, the borough’s legal counsel “conducted a thorough investigation of all concerns and allegations,” according to a statement released by borough council.”

    WHAT? They actually listened to concerns and allegations then took action? Not everyone agrees that it was the right action – but hey – they didn’t promote the dude to boro manager!!


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