Hartman Will Not Seek Fourth Term On Pottstown School Board

Editor’s note:  I can’t blame him.  13 years is a pretty huge commitment. 

POTTSTOWN — For Pottstown School Board member Robert Hartman Jr., 13 years of service is apparently long enough.

At the close of Monday night’s school board meeting, Hartman announced that he will not seek another four-year term on the board in the spring primary elections.

Hartman said that with the deadline for petitions for the primary election approaching, he wanted to be sure his intentions were known so that anyone who is considering running for the office would know whether or not they would have to face him in the polls.

“I’ve heard that other people may be interested and it’s not fair for them not to know,” Hartman said.

Read more:  http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130129/NEWS01/130129256/hartman-will-not-seek-fourth-term-on-pottstown-school-board#full_story

2 comments on “Hartman Will Not Seek Fourth Term On Pottstown School Board

  1. While Hartman declined to comment after the meeting, one wonders which (if any) of the other 3 is going to go “on the record” and declare intent to/not to run. I, myself, would’ve asked that question and reported on that – even if the answer was undecided or no comment.

    Further, I would invite people to contact me if they are considering running or are circulating petitions – seems newsworthy to me.

    Pottstown will be losing a dedicated member of the board. Mr. Hartman, thank you for your service and look forward to enjoying the less hectic schedule.

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