Milk Might Hit $8 A Gallon, Absent Federal Action

Picture 487Consumers soon could be defying the adage of not crying over spilled milk.

If Congress doesn’t pass a new farm bill or extend the one in place by Monday, the price of a gallon of milk in grocery stores could go as high as $8, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. said Friday during a media conference call.

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said lack of action would mean milk prices would be based on permanent law enacted in 1949.

The department would be forced to provide substantial financial support to dairy farmers based on their production costs and start buying up surplus milk, he said.

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3 comments on “Milk Might Hit $8 A Gallon, Absent Federal Action

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  2. So,let me get this straight,if congress doesn’t renew a Farm Bill,we will end up paying as much as $8.00 a gallon for milk.
    Let me eduate (if that is even possible) our sorry ass,do nothing congress.
    If the price of milk goes as high as $8.00 a gallon,milk would not be the only thing increasing in cost.
    The cost of cheese will go up.Anything that contains milk will go up as well.
    If milk does go that high in price,will Oblammer say “It’s Bush’s fault”?
    No,Mr Obama Phone,it will be YOUR FAULT!!

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