Governor Seen As Key To Reading Crime Summit

Editor’s note:  While you are at it, include Pottstown.  The crime rate is just as bad as Reading!

As Berks County residents digest the latest spate of violence in Reading, retailer Albert R. Boscov has taken center stage in the protracted effort to pull together a crime summit.

Boscov said Wednesday that it was crucial for both federal and state officials – preferably Gov. Tom Corbett – to take part in the proposed group discussion of Reading’s crime problems.  He said both U.S. Sens. Bob Casey Jr. and Pat Toomey have agreed to take part and that he was working to secure Corbett’s participation.

“I think he will come,” Boscov said.

A spokeswoman for Corbett said Wednesday night that he had not been invited to a summit but was open to the concept.

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One comment on “Governor Seen As Key To Reading Crime Summit

  1. Well, YES, absolutely Roy. Pottstown needs to be included in this summit. Isn’t it the belief of our Police Chief that Reading is one of the reasons we have such an influx of drug dealers? We’ve certainly taken enough s**t from Reading for a long time, (in more than one way), and the drugs and crime are not getting better here, plus we have a Boscov’s and we support that business. Include Pottstown.

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