Australian Pink Floyd Rocks Sovereign Center In Reading

The stage design before a show.

The stage design before a show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight, a Pink Floyd tribute band, Australian Pink Floyd put on a 2 hour show at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center in downtown Reading.  The packed house was on their feet, dancing, clapping, holding up lighters and making various other signs of approval throughout the show.

The first half of the show was one hour.  The band took a 20 minute break, returned to the stage and played for another hour followed by one encore.  I thought the stomping on the floor in the balcony was going to collapse it!

There are so many Pink Floyd songs that you can’t pack them into one show.  I was disappointed that they did not play Money but they did perform a number of Pink Floyd’s other hits and some songs which I did not know.  My personal favorite album by Pink Floyd is Dark Side of the Moon.

The light show and special effects were awesome!  There was a large object the resembled the Stargate (if you ever watched any of those shows on Syfy or the movie) which was constantly streaming pictures.   Fog, laser and strobe lights abounded.  There were also two huge inflatables.  One was the teacher from Another Brick In The Wall and the second was a giant bouncing kangaroo!  A gigantic disco ball was lowered from the ceiling at the end of the show to add even more sensory overload to the experience.

The musicality was superb.  I don’t think you could get a better Pink Floyd show unless the actual band performed it.  The instrumentalists and singers were all excellent.  No weak links.  Even the backup singers were amazing.  All in all it was worth every penny and then some.

Surprisingly, there were a good number of younger fans in the audience.  It wasn’t by any means made up of mostly 60’s and 70’s era folks.  Lots of 20 somethings in the house which I find pretty cool.  The music of Pink Floyd is evidently timeless if it is still being embraced by young people.

If you like the music of Pink Floyd I highly recommend taking in an Australian Pink Floyd concert in a city near you!

Click here to go to the group’s website:

Click here to read the Reading Eagle’s glowing review of last night performance:

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