Speaker On Flanders Appointment Quieted By Pottstown Police

Editor’s note: Very Orwellian.

POTTSTOWN — A man who apparently did not understand that comments at borough council meetings are to be made at the beginning was shut down Tuesday night by Borough Council President Stephen Toroney and plain clothes police as he tried to comment on the appointment of Mark Flanders as the new borough manager.

Waiting until a motion and second had been made for Flanders’ appointment, an elderly man in the back of the room, said he had a question on the matter.

But Toroney told him “this is a public meeting and comments are to be made at the beginning of the meeting.”

“How are you supposed to comment when you don’t know what’s going to happen?” asked a woman in the audience.

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2 comments on “Speaker On Flanders Appointment Quieted By Pottstown Police

  1. Hi Roy, wow. Could you believe the harsh, undiplomatic behavior of Toroney? Was he emboldened by Flanders sitting next to him?

    I hear that the borough is a terribly stressful place to work right now, something that police officers experienced and have known for a long time.

    Having won the hearts and minds of council, no matter the nominal size of that prize, I hope Flanders will inspire people instead of frightening them. Team work and inspiration can get things done fast in town, with a smile.

  2. Sadly, yes. This is modus operandi for for El Presidente Toroney. He was just as harsh and undiplomatic before Flanders. I feel like Robespierre’s reign of terror has just begun at borough hall. Keep your antenna on high alert. This will get much worse.

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