Reading Now Eyeing Bigger Increase In Property Taxes

Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer’s administration said Monday that the Reading’s 2013 budget might need not only increases in the earned-income and commuter taxes but also a higher property tax hike: 20 percent instead of 15.

City Managing Director Carole B. Snyder said she doubts the city will need all three increases.

But she also said it’s better to get enabling ordinances ready now and cut them later if circumstances allow because the taxes can’t be raised later without starting the process over.

“We’re setting the stage, so we can get a balanced budget,” Snyder said.

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2 comments on “Reading Now Eyeing Bigger Increase In Property Taxes

  1. I don’t understand how the government can do this to one of the poorest cities in America. I am a first time home buyer and am moving in on 10/31, so this was a shock to us, we already accepted the higher tax when buying this home even though it is in Muhlenberg area but they still consider it the city. I don’t get that when there is nothing around it but the river and homes. Everyone should pay school tax. There are thousands of children living in rentals especially in Reading and those families are getting free ride on our property tax dollar. 20% is a huge amount for fixed income families, you will be starting the housing crisis all over again, this time it will be the governments fault instead of the banks!

  2. First of all, welcome to the area.

    Reading is in a state program (Act 47) for distressed cities and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is involved in trying to sort out Reading’s finances and get the city back in the black. It’s a painful process and there are no easy answers in trying to fix decades of poor management.

    You might have a Reading mailing address but if you are in Muhlenberg Township/Muhlenberg School District, I don’t believe this property tax increase applies to you. The commuter tax/earned-income tax might apply if you work in the city but the property tax would be just for city homeowners.

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