Budget Rift Deepens Between Reading And Act 47 Consultants

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsyl...

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsylvania area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rift between the city and its outside consultants, hired by the state to enforce the city’s Act 47 financial recovery plan, got deeper Wednesday as Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer’s administration and City Council worked on the proposed 2013 budget.

The community development department wants to spend more money next year, offset by higher fee revenues.

The consultants, led by Philadelphia-based Public Financial Management Inc., have told the city to work harder on cutting expenses before seeking new ways of raising money.

“Do we need PFM’s permission to do that?” city Auditor David M. Cituk asked of the higher spending plan.

Read more: http://readingeagle.com/Article.aspx?id=421732

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