Vick Fumbles Away Eagles’ Opportunity To Win In Pittsburgh

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick a...

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick after the Eagles’ training camp in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PITTSBURGH, PA  – As long as Michael Vick thinks fumbling the ball away on the opponent’s goal line is just one of those things that happens sometimes, the Eagles are never going to be a championship-level team.

If you were to view Sunday’s missed opportunity in a vacuum, that assessment might seem harsh.  Vick wasn’t waving the ball around on the first-quarter quarterback draw that took him from the Steelers‘ 3 to the 1, then took the ball into the end zone, without Vick attached.  Safety Ryan Clark made a great play, jarring the fumble loose with his shoulder.  Then linebacker Larry Foote recovered it in the end zone.  In one play, a scoreless game went from first-and-goal, Eagles, to Steelers’ ball at their 20.

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