The Grinches Who Might Cancel Pottstown’s Annual Halloween Parade

The Dr. Seuss Memorial and Museum of Fine Arts.

The Dr. Seuss Memorial and Museum of Fine Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After spending nearly 30 years living in and around Pottstown, I get lulled into thinking nothing will surprise me anymore.  However, every now and again I am astounded by the ridiculous behavior of Pottstown Borough Council.

It seems council might be all “let’s draw a line in the sand” Tuesday night over a few thousand dollars in fees for the Pottstown Halloween Parade.  Let’s put this penny wise and pound foolish behavior under a microscope, shall we.

The Pottstown Borough budget is around $38,000,000.00 (entirely too high for a town of 22,377 people, but I digress).

The amount of money in question is a “blip” on this over-inflated budget.

Yet, council is poised to spend $35,000.00 (give or take) on a consultant who will most likely recommend outsourcing the Codes Department so Borough Council won’t feel guilty about laying off their overpaid cronies and pals.  You can’t put a price tag on guilt evidently.

I seem to recall thousands of dollars being taken out of the Pottstown Area Rapid Transit fund the other year to pay for a “holiday” party for a select group of “wannabe’s” in Pottstown.  But that was different because the illustrious leadership of Pottstown wanted to throw themselves a “holiday” party.  What’s the matter guys – no more mass transit funds available to pay for a parade that would benefits TEN times the number of people who attended the “holiday” party/ball or whatever the hell you called it.  Most people who live in Pottstown could never have been able to afford the tickets to attend that party.

The leadership of Pottstown doesn’t seem to care about the children of the community they serve (who come out by the hundreds, dressed up in costumes, to have some fun one night a year.) More than half the children in the Pottstown School District qualify for reduced or free lunches. Churches around town are collecting food for Operation Backpack so these same children have something to eat over the weekend and now you people want to suddenly become fiscally prudent over a few thousand dollars in fees and cancel a community event that is eagerly anticipated every year?

In case you haven’t noticed, there isn’t much for many Pottstown residents to look forward to that they can afford to take part in.  The amount of property and school taxes homeowners pay in Pottstown is a family budget killer.  Borough Council is certainly not shy when it comes to raising taxes!  I guess all the “for sale” signs dotting the streets of Pottstown have escaped your collective eye?

Five out of seven council seats are up for re-election next year.  Maybe it’s time to get new folks on council who will be more “in tune” with the average Pottstonian!

5 comments on “The Grinches Who Might Cancel Pottstown’s Annual Halloween Parade

  1. Roy, you know that I’m interested in running for council next year. If I can keep my apartment and meet the residency requirement, I’m there.

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  3. I do not want my tax dollars being used for non-essential services. Having said that, I was pleased to donate a sum of money to Rotary and Ambucs for the parade tonight after their appearance before Ouncil. I believe in Pottstown; in fact, I’m nuts about the place. Cough up a few bucks if you have them; if not, just pass it forward when you get a chance.

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