Book Signing At ArtFusion 19464 – Downtown Pottstown


In partnership with MOSAIC Community Land Trust, ArtFusion 19464 will be hosting a book signing by Ralph E. Godbolt, a Professor in the Graduate School of Public Administration at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the “Sociology of the HIP HOP Generation.”  The book signing will take place at ArtFusion’s High St. location on Saturday, October 20 from 7-9pm.  This event is taking place in conjunction with Threads of Story: Continued, ArtFusion’s latest exhibit, which features portraits of famous and non-famous people who were arrested during the bonus boycotts and Freedom Rider protests.

Godbolt will discuss the realities of urban violence, the high school dropout crisis, misogyny, the war on drugs, sexual orientation, hopelessness and the Hip Hop Generation in the aftermath of the American Civil Rights Movement.  His first book, Kickin the Ballistics: Reflections on the Hip Hop Generation, Poverty and Power, takes aim at generations of harsh public policies, unequal access to opportunity and discriminatory practices that has led to a generational cycle of poverty, violence, addiction, under education and unemployment in America’s urban centers by using Hip Hop culture and rap music as a means to communicate the deep despair, but enduring faith of young urban Americans.

Professor Godbolt’s presentation will go beyond traditional book signings in which an author sits behind a table to autograph books to an inspirational, educational and energetic event featuring a combination of poetry, Hip Hop music, lecture, excerpts from the book and audience interaction.  The event is not only a great opportunity to reach and teach adults, but a great opportunity to reach youth who may be struggling with academic and/or behavioral issues along with youth who are on the path to success, as Professor Godbolt uses Hip Hop as a method to communicate, teach and inspire youth.  According to a youth from Newark, NJ, “He is cool. I learned more from him in an hour than I learned all year in school.  It was cool seeing someone who can relate to me and my issues. He is all that.”

The event is also a unique opportunity for individuals interested in urban affairs, sociology, poverty, social justice and culture to engage in a meaningful discussion on public policy, sexual orientation, gun violence, education and hopelessness.

The Gallery School of Pottstown officially became ArtFusion 19464 on September 1, 2012.  The new name reflects a passion for creating community bonds through the arts as well as the coming together of the organization’s old identities as The Gallery School of Pottstown and Gallery on High.  A new website and facility improvements are part of the rebranding process.

ArtFusion 19464 is a 501(c)3 non-profit community art school and gallery.  The School offers day, evening and weekend classes to all ages.  The goal of these classes is to help students develop their creative skills through self-expression and independence.  ArtFusion’s gallery hosts rotating shows featuring local artists.  The gallery also sells handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gift items. The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.  The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.