City Of Reading Budget Proposal Delayed

Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer’s administration has delayed until Wednesday presenting its proposed 2013 city budget, which was expected Monday, to deal with some recently projected higher bills for next year.

The move follows discussions with the city’s outside Act 47 consultants Sunday, which led to an order at a department directors meeting Monday morning for each area – from the departments to City Council to agencies such as the Charter Board – to propose a certain dollar amount of extra budget cuts.

The city charter requires Spencer to present the proposed budget at least 90 days before Jan. 1. That deadline is Wednesday.

“We are in a very challenging fiscal and economic environment,” Spencer said in a statement. “I have asked my team to take some additional time to adjust their spending plans and refine revenue calculations so we can present a preliminary budget to City Council that is achievable and balanced, and represents fair value for taxpayers.”

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