Arts In Philadelphia Economy: A Pretty Picture

English: This is my own work, Public Domain Ph...

English: This is my own work, Public Domain Photograph, not copyrighted Ed Yakovich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arts and cultural organizations have a multibillion-dollar impact on the Philadelphia region’s economy, and are among the nation’s most productive in creation of jobs and stirring up economic activity.  Only those in the Washington area generate more per-capita expenditures, and in terms of jobs, no region comes close to Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Cultural activity generates nearly $170 million in state and local taxes annually and supports 44,000 jobs within the city and its four suburban Pennsylvania counties, according to a study set for release Monday by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

The economic-impact study, based on data collected from 345 arts and cultural organizations and more than 2,000 audience members, reports that the sector triggers a total of $3.3 billion in direct and indirect expenditures every year.

In the area of employment, culture in the first-ranked Philadelphia region supports 43,700 jobs; Greater Houston, number two, generates 29,100, and Washington, number three, 29,000.

2 comments on “Arts In Philadelphia Economy: A Pretty Picture

  1. Thanks! Actually, those figures include Montgomery County, so Pottstown is part of the total. These numbers should indicate to Pottstown Borough Council that arts revitalization WORKS and they should be fully supporting ArtFusion19464, Steel River Playhouse, Mosaic Land Trust and all other existing arts and cultural groups/institutions in Pottstown Borough.

    Arts revitalization is the direction Pottstown should be heading. What the borough already has proves arts and culture draw people into Pottstown and we know they SPEND money shopping and dining while they are there. Pottstown should be an arts and cultural destination!

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