Anti-American Protests Over Film Enter 4th Day

CAIRO — Anti-American protests inspired by a video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad entered a fourth straight day here in the Egyptian capital and other demonstrations erupted in much of the Middle East after Friday Prayer — an occasion often associated with public displays of dissent.

Witnesses in Cairo said protests that first flared on Tuesday — the day J. Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador in Libya, was killed in an attack in neighboring Libya — continued sporadically early Friday, with protesters throwing rocks and gasoline bombs near the American Embassy and the police firing tear gas.

In Lebanon, one person was killed and 25 injured as protesters attacked restaurants, while in Sudan demonstrations flared outside of the German and British embassies. There was also turmoil in Yemen, Bangladesh, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq. Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, and held protests in the West Bank and Gaza.

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3 comments on “Anti-American Protests Over Film Enter 4th Day

  1. The one thing I have learned in the last 11 years is radical Islam is less than human. I am angry about what happened to Ambassador Stevens and the 3 other Americans who were murdered in cold blood in Lybia. Where is Oblamer’s outrage as President!!

    Go thing I’m not the President.

    If something like this would happen on my watch:
    1)Bring EVERY American back home and out of that sorry excuse for a country.
    2)Make Lybia one large parking lot, by bombing the HELL out of them!

    I wonder if Oblamer is going to blame this one on George W Bush like he does everything else?
    I am 48 years-old and I can not recall a time when we had our Abassador get killed in the country they are serving America in.

    Please, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Ambassador Stevens maybe the first one.
    Yet, another reason why we need to send Oblamer back to Chicago (or Kenya) come November 6th.
    I’m sorry, I believe Oblamer should be charged for murdering these fine Americans!!

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