Rockland Family Finds Gator In Backyard Pond

Map of Berks County, Pennsylvania, United Stat...

Map of Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States with township and municipal boundaries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert J. Hipp was enjoying his backyard fish pond Friday when he noticed something floating on the surface.

“It looked like an alligator and I thought maybe someone was playing a trick on me and put a plastic alligator in the pond,” Hipp said. “When I reached for it, it went underwater and I knew it was real.”

Upon closer inspection, Hipp said, he saw a 3-foot-long American alligator enjoying a swim. But the gator was also feasting on fish and frogs in the pond.

“We have koi in the pond and usually have a net over it because the blue herons will swoop down and take the fish,” Hipp said. “Herons can clean out a pond in no time.”

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