Montco Commissioners Tell Pottstown The Era Of The “Big Check” Is Over

Editor’s note:  What else is new.  The county is over involved in Pottstown‘s affairs and has helped to create a great deal of the problems Pottstown and Norristown both face by making them the dumping group for Section 8 Housing and social services.  Now we just wash our hands and say “see ya”.  Typical!

POTTSTOWN, Pa. — Say goodbye to the big, giant check.

That was one of several messages Montgomery County Commissioners Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards had for Pottstown officials last week during a rare joint meeting of borough council, school board and members of the board of Pottstown Area Industrial Development, or PAID.

Officially, the joint meeting was also the required annual meeting of PAID at which the executive director, Steve Bamford, is required to give a report on the activities of the year before.

But since Bamford was not hired until November, there was not much to tell.

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2 comments on “Montco Commissioners Tell Pottstown The Era Of The “Big Check” Is Over

  1. What BIG check are we going to be missing out on Roy? I am I missing something here? While they’ve become so UN magnanimous toward Pottstown then I think they should take a few bus loads of mentally ill, other disabled and Section 8 people with them, out of Pottstown. Disburse them among the communities that have no such overwhelming burdens, they surely are much more poised to care for some of them and what superior opportunity that would be for all of them….other communities can learn to care, the Sec. 8 folks will have access to good role models, jobs and the county can have a fuzzy, feel good moment.

  2. The county was giving away grants/money etc… every year and Pottstown did benefit at times from that money. However, if the cost was making us a dumping ground for every “not in my backyard” problem imaginable then it pales by comparison. As we saw recently with “Bonniegate”, they were easily manipulated by outside forces, even after a project had been recommended by Council to receive a “big check” from the County. More games!

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