Singer Robin Gibb Has Died At 62

LONDON  —  With his carefully tended hair, tight trousers and perfect harmonies, Robin Gibb, along with his brothers Maurice and Barry, defined the disco era. As part of the Bee Gees — short for the Brothers Gibb — they created dance floor classics like “Stayin Alive,” ”Jive Talkin’,” and “Night Fever” that can still get crowds onto a dance floor.

The catchy songs, with their falsetto vocals and relentless beat, are familiar pop culture mainstays. There are more than 6,000 cover versions of the Bee Gees hits, and they are still heard on dance floors and at wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other festive occasions.

Robin Gibb, 62, died Sunday “following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery,” his family announced in a statement released by Gibb’s representative Doug Wright. “The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time,” it said.

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One comment on “Singer Robin Gibb Has Died At 62

  1. Another great loss in the music industry.
    I have fond memories from high school listening to the Bee Gees.Even earlier than that,my Mother and Sisters had Bee Gee records(yes, I said RECORDS) from the late 60’s.
    What a great loss of talent theis past week in music.It’s like I’m losing old friends from my younger years.I’m a proud 47 year old who listens to 70’s and 80’s music most often. What they call music now is just HORRIBLE!

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