Christina Aguilera Fines For ‘The Voice’ May Be Increased

Editor’s note:   Nobody will stop watching if you give her the heave-ho…it might actually increase viewership!

Christina Aguilera has reportedly faced consistent fines while fulfilling her duties as a coach and judge on hit TV show “The Voice.” Aguilera allegedly has repeatedly been late on set, and it has not been unusual for her to turn up two hours after her scheduled start time.

Some are now suggesting that Aguilera was simply ignoring the fines being handed out to her and that they in no way helped to correct her tardiness. It is now being reported that show bosses are thinking to increase the fine levels for persistent lateness from their stars in an effort to not allow the behavior to continue in future series.

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One comment on “Christina Aguilera Fines For ‘The Voice’ May Be Increased

  1. Diva is as Diva does.

    Having a wildly, gifted ability to sing does not make it okay to be unprofessional!!

    Being honest, on time and gracious to other performers, guest performers and staff IS part of being professional. Being professional gains a person the respect of others (Co-workers, viewers, press, contestants, etc.) and it is that very act that propels a show into mega-success (hello, Survivor – another Mark Burnett production, Jeff Probst is the secret to their longevity). Just because a person has the ‘it’ factor does, by no means, not guarantee that ‘it’ can’t be lost with a few (seemingly) mistakes (where is Mel Gibson after a few poor choices with his words, hello – LEARN THE LESSON!!!).

    Let’s never forget The Voice is a product that is for sale to the audience – ratings drops means loss in revenue and that means restructure might be necessary! Damage the ‘brand’ lose out on the opportunity to be associated with it!!

    Miss Xtina may need to pack her lil red lip-covered mike stand and head home if she continues down this path. I seem to remember a time when Diva meant just wildly talented. It is this type of behavior that has made it household slang for bitc#!!

    Grow up or get out!

    I haven’t heard rumors or comments about any of the other judges behaving like this so I would imagine that this makes the behavior that much worse, by comparison. I wouldn’t want to work with someone like that, if I didn’t have to…

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