Team Blake Shelton Wins “The Voice” As Jermaine Paul Is Crowned Season 2 Winner

Blake Shelton earned bragging rights this year as the judge who picked the winning contestant on Season 2 of The Voice.  Last year you may recall Adam Levine‘s contestant won.

The final four contestants were Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca, Juliet Sims and Chris Mann.  Second place went to Juliet Simms, third place went to former Mickey Mouse Club star Tony Lucca and fourth place went to opera singer Chris Mann.

Jermaine Paul was a backup singer for Alicia Keys before auditioning for The Voice.  Congratulations to Jermaine for realizing his dream to move to the front of the stage 🙂

BTW – Christina Aguilara was pretty hard on her former Mickey Mouse Club costar, Tony Lucca for the duration of the competition. Not really liking her much this season.  BOO!

One comment on “Team Blake Shelton Wins “The Voice” As Jermaine Paul Is Crowned Season 2 Winner

  1. Don’t even get me started on her snarky comments/attitude. It should suffice to say that she was rather unprofessional and seemed to allow some personal gripe creep into a place it didn’t belong!!

    Congrats to both Jermaine & Blake on the win!!

    All 4 were VERY deserving artists and grew from week to week with the keen mentoring of their respective coaches!!

    Overall, this season had a butt-load of talent, the bar is set high for a third, should they continue on with the concept. Thanks to all the artists that warmed our hearts and shared their emotions on national television – a true measure of courage and performance was the standard they set!!

    Remarkable performances by ALL in the finals. Special note, Juliet was not just battling the cold or flu but pneumonia and still managed to pull out 3 songs and bring the studio audience to their feet!!

    Congrats to Juliet & CeeLo on a fine season’s work and being runner-up!!

    Tony smoked the stage on several occasions, my favorites (all of them are, really) were his tribute to Adam (a cover of Maroon 5 song) and their duet of Yesterday. Never a one-dimensional artist he commands a stage, involves the audience and stays true to his own style while blending well with a variety of artists and genre. If you enjoyed him there is much more music to discover at and you can follow him on twitter at @Luccadoes.

    Congrats to Tony & Adam on a great season & break through performances!

    The 4th place finalist in a VERY tight race was Mr. Opera Swag, Chris Mann. A great voice and more. Kudos to him for reminding people opera is cool and big voices aren’t something to be afraid of! Careful, you might catch opera-fever!!

    Congrats to Chris & Xtina this season and releasing the beast of the big voice!

    On a personal note, I am sad that Tony didn’t grab the top spot but I know this will open many door and many hearts for/to his music and his amazing abilities!! He is both an artist and a good person – a role model for other young artists!! He has a beautiful, loving family and is genuine with every interaction! A killer smile melts you instantly – check him out and feel the #luccalove!!

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