Kitten Tortured With Pen Dies In Home

Editor’s note:  I think there is a special room in hell for people who torture animals!

A kitten that was tortured with a pen before it was found in Mount Penn has died at the home of the woman who adopted it, authorities said Monday.

The kitten, which was about 5 months old, was rescued in March by a Mount Penn couple who found it with a pen stuck in its body near their house in the 2600 block of Perkiomen Avenue.

The kitten was taken to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County and underwent emergency surgery to remove the pen. League staff named her Susie.

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One comment on “Kitten Tortured With Pen Dies In Home

  1. This is so SICKENING!!The low life beast(I’m sorry,I can’t call this creature a “human)who does this sort of thing to animals need a pen stuck in them,or,worse! I am a animal lover and proud supporter of the ASPCA and other animal charties.When I hear about this type or any type of torture of INNOCENT animals,I get to a point where I wish harsher punishment for these beasts!
    I’m sorry,these stories really get me sick to my stomach.
    These animals are INNOCENT!!
    The Bible teaches we are REQUIRED to take care of our animals!Not torture them.
    When someone does this to an animal,what will they do to a HUMAN?

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