Skylar Laine Goes Home On American Idol

And then there were four!  Things are winding down on Idol and the final show is only a few weeks away.  Tonight, Skylar went home.  She found herself in the bottom two along with Hollie Cavanagh.  I was rather surprised.  I thought surely Holly would get sent home tonight but America had other ideas.

As usual, Vote For The Worst is taking credit for keeping Phillip Phillips on the show.  I think they give themselves too much credit.

So we are left with Joshua Ledet, Holly Cavanagh, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

3 comments on “Skylar Laine Goes Home On American Idol

  1. Ive not seen the result show as on tonight in the UK, but hearing Skylar has gone home no way! She CAN sing and is wayy bvetter than phil phliips and hollie. I, a fan of carrie underwood so looking forward to her performance as she hasnt done a concert yet in the United Kingdom where she has a lot of fans. I think Skylar will do as well as she did, although Carrie did win in season 4. This American idol is very unpredictable and I like watching it but get annoyed with the votes as americans seem to kick out the people who actually CAN SING! Get real!!

  2. Thanks for reading. I agree that Skylar will have a great career ahead of her. Sometimes not winning is better because you aren’t tied down to Idol’s rules and time frame. You can get your career started sooner. Case in point Chris Daughtry. Americans get annoyed with the voting as well 🙂

  3. I can’t believe they send Skylar home, She was the best singer on American idol, She will go far anyway…..

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