It’s Shooting Season In Pottstown – Warm Weather Brings Increase In Crime

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What exactly does it take before the powers that be take Pottstown‘s out of control crime rate seriously and do something about it?  Is this sorry state of affairs the best the citizens and taxpayers of Pottstown can hope for?

Maybe outsourcing the police department needs to be a consideration.  $3 million dollars a year is a great deal of money to spend for a crime rate equal to Philadelphia and Reading!   Hell, hire the PA State Police or the National Guard.  I bet you’d get results then!  How does a 5 square mile borough with slightly more than 22,000 people end up in this condition?  Poor leadership!

Granted, one has to wonder what two people are doing standing in Buttonwood alley at 4am.  We all know Buttonwood Alley is a high incident area so why aren’t we being proactive and doing something to crack down on crime once and for all!?!  SEND A MESSAGE THAT WE WON’T TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR IN POTTSTOWN!

Numerous larger cities in Pennsylvania have a lower crime rate than Pottstown, as I have spelled out in earlier posts.  What about surveillance cameras???  What about crime tracking software???  Again, can we say PROACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There are grants out there!

The next Chief of Police needs to be tough on crime.  The current highly paid top cop shrugs his shoulders and blames Pottstown’s crime problem on its location between Reading and Philadelphia.  No other towns along 422 have a crime rate anywhere near Pottstown (except Norristown – like that’s something to aspire to?????)  And why is that?  For $100,000 dollars a year I think the taxpayers of Pottstown should expect certain results and there needs to be accountability from a department head.  Maybe if the people who make these big municipal salaries had to live in Pottstown they might care more about what goes on after 5pm when they take their pay check and leave town!

Here’s the latest news from the Fishwrap about Sunday morning’s double shooting in Buttonwood Alley: