Take Tax Gripes To School Boards, Not State, Corbett Says

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HARRISBURG – Pennsylvanians who are concerned about rising school taxes should take their complaints to local school boards, not the state government, Gov. Tom Corbett said Wednesday.

“I think the taxpayers need to help themselves,” Corbett replied when a caller on Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT asked what can be done to help ease the pressures on taxpayers.

In his monthly appearance on the “Dom Giordano Program,” the Republican governor suggested that excessively small class sizes and overly generous contracts with teachers unions are part of the reason many school districts are struggling financially.

“I would love to see the taxpayers speaking up at the school board meetings,” he said.

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One comment on “Take Tax Gripes To School Boards, Not State, Corbett Says

  1. I agree with Gov.Corbett that school boards are to blame for higher school taxes.Recently the high school near me(West Mifflin),built a nice new football stadium.What type of education can a student receive on a football field.Does that teach a child science,math and other important things that they would need in everyday life?Also,I have no children.I still have to pay school taxes just because I own my home.I believe that would be called “taxation without representation”.
    I do believe the pensions that school districts pay out is outrageous.
    I’d love to work only 9 months out of the year and have all those extra days off with FULL pay.I get 2 weeks vacation after being on my job for 9 years.No sick days.No spring break.No Christmas vacation,etc….

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