Strip Search for Traffic Tickets???

U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note: This is a big old WTF moment in American history!

In a shocking abdication of its responsibility to uphold Americans’ constitutional freedoms, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that people suspected of minor offenses, such as rolling through a stop light, can be stripped and have their body cavities searched by jail guards.

Writing for the slim 5-4 majority, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said the court should not second-guess prison officials.

But that is exactly why there is a court – to second-guess officials when they ignore constitutional rights and freedoms.

In this case, the court threw away the individual’s basic right not to be punished before being adjudicated.

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One comment on “Strip Search for Traffic Tickets???

  1. Sorry – can’t agree with you on this one.
    If an arrestee is taken to a county jail, it is the responsibility of the jail (for the safety of employees and inmates) to see that there is no contraband (drugs, weapons, etc) brought in. For that reason, every prisoner who is brought in gets searched.

    If they didn’t search a prisoner, and later a guard or another inmate was injured or killed by a weapon smuggled in by that inmate – the jail would be held responsible – and rightfully so.

    Strip searches aren’t punishment – they are part of the incarceration procedure.

    BTW – there is more to this suit than what was reported. For example, nobody gets arrested and locked up just for rolling through a stop light…

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