Pennsylvania State Police Ranks Thinning

If Pennsylvania State Police troopers started disappearing from the roads, would anyone really notice?

Last week, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan told a joint House-Senate panel that there aren’t enough new cadets in training to fill the vacancies anticipated by veteran troopers retiring.

Noonan said that when the current class of cadets graduates from the State Police Academy in Hershey this summer, the ranks of the troopers will still be down by 10 percent of 4,500 capacity.

Each class of the academy can produce 115 new state troopers.

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3 comments on “Pennsylvania State Police Ranks Thinning

  1. It isn’t the ones patrolling the turnpike that would be missed… It’s the ones who provide police protection for the 70% of PA municipalities that have no other police protection.

  2. That was my initial thought as well. I don’t think most people realize how much of Pennsylvania is protected by the PA State Police. Operating at 90% is bad enough but if 1,000 troopers retire….that will cause some serious problems. Then I guess somebody will notice? Geeze Louise!

  3. Several Pennsylvania towns relay on State Troopers for protection.We here in the Pittsburgh area have many towns that either share police departments or use State Troopers.
    It would worry me if there was ANY shortage of police,either local or state.
    We need to find a way to get the State Troopers up to 100%.Maybe visit high schools or colleges to inform young people of the benefits of being a State Trooper.
    I have great respect for police and State Troopers.No greater calling than to serve and protect your fellow man.

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