Thousands Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Phoenixville

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Editor’s note:  Can you say cha-ching for downtown Phoenixville merchants.  These kinds of regular events are essential for revitalization.  So what happened in downtown Pottstown for St. Patrick’s Day?  Were there hundreds of people celebrating, dozens or just the usual suspects loitering at the clock tower watching the crickets and tumbleweeds roll down High Street?  You say, “But we don’t have an Irish Pub?”  I say, “We could if someone actively recruited more restaurants and stores to fill High Street.”  Marketing, marketing, marketing!

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. — The streets of Phoenixville were filled with the spirit of the Irish Saturday as thousands donned their green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

The festive mood continued inside of Bridge Street favorite Molly Maguire’s Irish Restaurant & Pub.

General Manager Neil Bonner said his favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day is being surrounded by good people.

“Everyone comes out just to have a good time and they all get to be just a little bit Irish for a day,” he explained.

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3 comments on “Thousands Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Phoenixville

  1. Yeah well, Roy you know… Steve Bamford is well qualified and a mighty force for revitalization as long as he doesn’t get thwarted by property owners on High St. that won’t sell or rent their buildings. Wassupwiththat? They are good to let their buildings sit empty? If this is some kind of a snub to the borough leaders, get over it. But the borough carries the big stick as in – find every code violation they can find and when these buildings start costing the owners more than it is worth to let them sit empty, (unless they have more money than sense), they will get the message. Otherwise, aren’t these kinds of situations exactly what the State Blight and Reclamation Law was designed to tackle? Somewhere recently it has been said that they can’t even FIND the owners of some of the buildings. A cautionary note for any municipality that would adopt the “laissez faire” management style of previous administrations.

  2. The sad thing is how many Main Street Managers have we had who have done absolutely nothing except collect their pay checks. Are we now expecting Steve Bamford to do that job too? I hope he gets some cooperation! Honestly, I think some of the building owners on High Street fall under the “Pottstown is fine the way it is” category along with most of borough council. Their actions or inaction speaks volumes. I don’t think they see a need to move forward.

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