North Carolina Businesses Along I-95 Tally Tolling Impact

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Editor’s note:  $19.20 to drive across North Carolina and gas is more than $3.50 a gallon!  This will push more people to trains, buses and airplanes OR onto alternate routes.

Plans to charge a toll on Interstate 95 in North Carolina will make it more difficult for businesses to quickly and cheaply ship goods up and down the East Coast’s chief thoroughfare, critics say.

North Carolina, Virginia and Missouri all are considering tolls as a way to pay for expanding and upgrading interstates. Supporters say drivers from other states will pay much of the costs.

But like most highways, I-95 is itself a hub of businesses drawn to the asphalt link to markets from Maine to Florida.

Food Lion, Wal-Mart, and Lowe’s are some of the companies with North Carolina distribution centers, each employing hundreds of workers, near the highway. The world’s largest hog slaughterhouse operated by Smithfield Foods and one of the nation’s largest food-service distributors for restaurant chains built near the interstate.

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4 comments on “North Carolina Businesses Along I-95 Tally Tolling Impact

  1. WOW, that sucks!!

    Looks like it might be back to the 301 rather than the interstate when we travel to visit my parents. I can’t imagine paying $20 to just pass on through…

    I can understand the bridge or tunnel tolls but isn’t an interstate supposed to provide easy transit and access? I’d understand tolling a heavily used state road, this kinda gets me tho’.

    Time to go to the map program and scope out how to avoid 95 in the future.

    CONGRATS on your International readership!!!

  2. Hey Steph! Long time no talk to!

    Yes, that does SUCK! My sister lives in South Carolina and that’s how I normally go down there. That’s is a ridiculous amount of money. I thought gasoline taxes were supposed to go toward highway maintenance! I don’t mind paying to use the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel for the convenience of avoiding Baltimore and DC, for example.

    Hell, they wanna toll 422 which is also nuts! Where will it all end!?!

    I was very excited to see I had readers from around the world 🙂 I love the internet!

    • Yeah, I’ve been taking I-95 since the late 80’s to go between PA & FL and I certainly wouldn’t pay $20 for a one way fare through the state, much less a $40 roundtrip!!

      That’s a whole tank of gas (at least for now…).

      301 sucks cause of the hills through NC and if you get stuck behind a truck it can go really slow, though it is a more scenic route. We usually stay somewhere overnight in NC (about Lorton) when we make the drive but now I wonder about reconsidering that, on principle, as much as it’s almost a half-way point. Hmmm what to do when we make another trip… something to think about, thanks for covering this!!

      While I might not comment, frequently (seems like commenting has gone the way of the doo-doo, for now), you are my FIRST read of the day for fun and information!!

      Good to cyber-chat!!

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods – enjoy the nice weather forecasted for the week ahead!! 🙂

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