PeoplExpress Airlines Trying To Reconstitute Itself, Eyes Pittsburgh International Airport

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Visitors to Pittsburgh International Airport can be forgiven for thinking, at certain times, that they wandered into an aviation ghost town. Where once US Airways alone operated more than 500 daily flights into Pittsburgh, the airport is now left with an average of 139 non-stops a day for all airlines.

There’s no question the airport needs more flights and the people who take them — and that makes the news that PeoplExpress is reviving an old brand and is eying a presence in Pittsburgh especially encouraging.

As Post-Gazette staff writer Mark Belko wrote last week, the airline’s plan is to concentrate on routes that have been largely abandoned by other airlines — such as West Palm Beach and Providence, R.I.

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2 comments on “PeoplExpress Airlines Trying To Reconstitute Itself, Eyes Pittsburgh International Airport

  1. OMG – When Dad was sick, I used to love flying through Pittsburgh! Such a nice airport! It’s a real shame the place has cleared out like that…

  2. Losing the hub status with US Airways empties it out but it sounds like things are looking up! It is a really nice airport. I have also flown into it and was impressed. They new Allegheny County Executive sounds like a real go getter and it’s a priority for him to increase flights. Getting Frontier back was sweet!

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