Brunish’s Celebrates 75 Years In Pottstown

Editor’s note:   Congratulations to the Brunish family for their achievement!

POTTSTOWN — There aren’t a lot of businesses — large or small — that can say that they’ve been in operation for 75 years.  Even fewer can say that four generations of family members have kept the operation growing.  An even smaller number can say that their little corner grocery store is known around the world.

One store in Pottstown can say all that and does so with pride: Brunish’s.

Located at 577 Lincoln Ave., Burnish’s began operating on Feb. 13, 1937, and soon will celebrate 75 years in business.  The original store was located at 569 Lincoln Ave., but two years later, in 1939, it moved to its current location, which Brunish’s has called “home” ever since.

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