Construction Begins On 70-Megawatt Wind Farm In Northern Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT, PA — Seven years after the project was announced, a subsidiary of Duke Energy has started construction on a 70 megawatt wind farm on Laurel Hill Ridge off Route 14 in northern Lycoming County.
Half the pads for the 30 turbines have been poured, and Laurel Hill Wind Energy of Rutland, Vt., anticipates the more than $150 million project will be in production by late summer, spokesman Robert Charleboif said Tuesday.

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One comment on “Construction Begins On 70-Megawatt Wind Farm In Northern Lycoming County

  1. Oh joy,yet another freaking wind “farm”to grace the Pennsylvania countryside!
    More wind turbines to kill more birds and produce more expensive energy.
    Can we please use more coal,natural gas and good old reliable oil to fuel our economy and put and keep people working real jobs?If one hasn’t noticed that “green”energy cost us more GREEN,as in our hard earned money!
    If it was possible,I would line up all the tree huggers and green weenies I could find and prove that I am VERY proud to cling to my GOD and guns!
    As I always say,

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