City Of Reading School District In Freefall

Editor’s note: Evidently, the Reading School District has some very serious issues.  Recently five top administrators, including the Acting Superintendent of Schools, resigned en masse.  We posted this article the other day.  A new article has “popped up” about another huge problem in the district and a follow-up article to the mass exodus of leadership.

The Reading School District’s human resources department is broken, says a firm hired to evaluate the department.

According to a report, the department has several serious deficiencies, with the most important being its structure.

“Key members of the current staff lack the qualifications and experience necessary for their roles, and staff is not being effectively utilized in that some core (human resources) functions are not currently being performed,” the report reads.

The report encourages the district to reorganize the department, including making personnel changes.

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Here is a follow-up article on the mass exodus of administrators:

Teachers and fellow administrators have thrown their support behind five Reading School District administrators who announced their resignations Friday, while the school board has called a special meeting to figure out how to handle the sudden departures.

Citing philosophical differences with the board, J. Drue Miles, acting superintendent, and four Cabinet members announced Friday that they will resign their posts effective Feb. 17.

The other administrators leaving are John Stoudt, acting assistant to the superintendent; Roger Brubaker, acting director of finance; Guadalupe Matias, acting director of elementary education; and Joe Santoro, acting director of secondary education.

All the administrators were hired over the summer on a temporary basis to fill in for administrators who had left their positions.

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